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You may INSTANTLY become healthier, free from pain physically. It is now proven that instant healing is possible and one of the reasons I always video my public healing sessions is to provide solid proofs from various people all over the world. No need for drugs, tools, instruments, and I only place my two hands on your pain location, allergy areas for a few minutes or seconds, and that's it! No praying, no chanting, no rituals, no ceremonies, and NO connection to ANY religion or belief systems. Of course, I have my own belief but it has nothing to do with the healing and you becoming healthier. Secondly, the healing will be permanent especially if you repeat the sessions over a few days.

For those who have open minds, a few proofs will suffice. Once you have personally experienced this instant healing, you will have to resolve your own contradicting beliefs, and the frustration on the doubt from others on your instant recovery experience too.

Your religious views or faith or even consciousness, have got nothing to do with the healing here. Whether it works for you or not depends only on the nature and extend of your health condition and your age.

Free instant healing services are provided to any communities in most cities of the world outside of Canada, for up to one week. What is required is that the cost of my transportation, lodging be covered and prepaid by the local organizers. There is no charge for my healing services to any non-profit organizations, government agencies or any sponsors who do not promote any other agenda but to improve the health of the impoverished. For more details and to organize one, please contact me.